Change in Netflix subscription sparks conversation about ads



Because of the decline in subscribers in the last quarter, Netflix introduced the new low-cost subscription plan with ads at $6.99 making all other subscription plans go up in price, which will be released on Thursday, Nov. 3, and Chisholm Trail staff and students weigh in. 

“My household uses the basic with no ads at $9.99,” history teacher Robbyn Camp said. “I don’t like ads, if I can avoid paying for them with only a few dollars difference then I don’t mind paying for no ads. I think most people will put up with ads because of the decent price difference with how expensive everything else is getting like different subscriptions, groceries and all kinds of different things, so I don’t think ads would be an issue.” 

On the other hand, junior Jasmine Storer said the ads would be an issue because they are “annoying” to her and to viewers. 

“I think some people would be annoyed by the ads because people are already paying for Netflix and then they have to deal with ads,” Storer said. “I feel like a lot of people go to Netflix to get away from commercial breaks, so I don’t think it’s fair for commercial breaks to start coming to Netflix now. I would use the basic commercial free because it’s not that much of a difference to the basic with ads.” 

Chisholm Trail librarian Mylie James uses the premium subscription plan at $19.99, and she said the library at Chisholm Trail cannot offer any kind of streaming service because Chisholm Trail must go through “approved vendors” and most of the easy access streaming services do not have that. 

“I think ads in Netflix are a good option for those who have a tighter budget and can’t afford a higher subscription,” James said. “I would deal with the ads if I had to because I’ve lived a life where I had to do the cheapest options of things. I would also deal with them because my entire upbringing I saw commercials on TV and being able to go ad-free is a new phenomenon for someone like me who is older.”