10 Things You Can do to Distract Yourself From School or Stress

Tips, tricks, and activities to give yourself a little break from school!


School this year has been tough and stressful, especially this time of the semester with finals and semester grades coming up. It’s a lot to handle sometimes, and everybody needs a break now and then. Here are 10 easy things that you can do to give yourself a little break from all the hassle of school and stress.

  • Play video games: Video games can be calming and relaxing and overall a general break away from school work. Games that require no thinking are the best though, because you can just zone out and focus on not getting hit by a red shell. That being said, some of my favorite mindless games to play include Mario Kart, Minecraft, Tetris, Among Us, or Pong. All games are available for free (with the exception of Minecraft) on Ios and android app stores. 
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  • Watch movies and shows from when you were a kid: I bet you’ve probably seen every episode of Spongebob or whatever your favorite movie was as a kid countless times. That makes it the perfect get away from work. Old shows and movies provide an escape that just lets you sit on the couch and worry about nothing, and you don’t even have to focus on the plot because you already know it. 
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  • Make music playlists: I love to make playlists. They are a great way to spend an hour or two just listening to new music or music that you already love. A thing I like to do is make playlists for different moods or different times of the day so that I have something to listen to when I am actually working. 
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  • Try puzzles: Crosswords and word searches and other things of that nature are a good way to keep your brain active but let it wonder for a bit. Puzzles are relaxing, and when you finish one, there is a sense of accomplishment that can boost your morale. The Virtual Calming Room provided by the schools counselors has a link to free online puzzles and coloring pages. 
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  • Go for a walk or a bike ride:  Waking by yourself or riding your bike through your neighborhood while listening to music or a podcast can be very calming and a nice break from everything. It gets you out of the house for some fresh air and a chance to listen to those playlists you made.
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  • Try new baking or cooking recipes: Baking or cooking has always been something therapeutic for a lot of people. And trying new recipes is great for the holidays!
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  • Clean your room: I know cleaning can be a hassle but it can actually be very therapeutic! Vacuuming or folding laundry is repetitive, yeah, but it’s nice to zone out. And if you do clean, your room ends up being nice and tidy and can break you out of any funk you may be in. 
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  • Find a new podcast to listen to: Obviously, podcasts aren’t for everyone, but for people who want to multitask and stay enriched by something, they’re a great option; and there’s one for everyone too! I usually listen to a few a week when I have the time and they give me something to look forward to in the week.
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  • Read something short: READ!! Reading can be such a nice break from stress, especially when it’s something fun you want to read! But I know the hassle of starting a new book and having the pressure to finish it and that can be crushing on a stressed out brain, so the solution is to read short things. Short things like wikipedia articles or magazine interviews or even fanfiction for your favorite tv show can be something easy and fun to read for a short while. Not to mention once you finish it, you’ll have that sense of accomplishment, just like the puzzles. 
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  •  Take a shower or a nap: It’s easy and it’s fast. Taking a shower can completely clear up your foggy headspace and just give you a relaxing break from whatever you’re working on. Taking a short nap can do the same thing and also build up your depleted energy from anything that you’ve been stressing out or working on. 
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I know things are stressful! But you are strong and can get through this! All you need are outlets to calm down and relax. On top of the list above, the school counselors did provide links and resources for more things on the Virtual Calming Room on the schools website at The Virtual Calming Room.