Should you buy NBA 2k22? Absolutely


NBA 2k22 is a fun game to play when you have free time. Along with different modes such as MyTeam, My Career and Play Now, you also can play a full NBA season with your favorite team.  

My Career allows you to create your own player, whether you want them to look like you or not. After that, 2k allows you to pick the position, stats and attributes for your player. You then go on the play in high school, college and eventually the pros. This mode was created in order for the gamer to be able to live the life of an NBA player. 

MyTeam is a mode where you collect different cards from a variety of rarities. 2k uses players, current and old, and creates a card with their picture, stats and badges. The higher the rarity, the better the player will be. You will then take your team online to see how it ranks among other players. 

Play Now has a multitude of things to play. Scrimmages, real games and blacktop are just a few of them. The teams stay current with injuries, trades, etc. Also, this mode will teach you how to play if you have never played 2k before, and if you have, it can teach you advanced tricks to apply to your play. 

The Last mode you can play is My League. It specializes in either starting as the general manager, regular season or playoffs. There is one goal in the end for all three and that is to win a championship, but you do it from different positions within the organization. 

Most 2ks cost $100 when they are first released, but 2k22 only cost $59.99. It is worth every penny because of the variety of options available to play. Each mode is extremely fun to play, and it gives you tons of challenges to do, along with it being a relaxing game to do for fun. 

2K22 is available for Xbox and PlayStation. As long as you have the same console as them, you can play with friends.