Jane the Virgin: Must See TV

Show stands out as one of the most well written ever

Jane the Virgin: Must See TV

Jane the Virgin is an American rom-com that is mostly inspired by telenovelas. The story is centered around Jane Villanueva, a second-generation American Venezuelan who works hard and is catholic. Due to being religious, and because of her grandmother’s influence, she promises to remain a virgin until she marries. However, one day during her doctor’s appointment, she gets artificially inseminated by the doctor.

The baby’s father is married and is the boss at the hotel she works for. 

She now faces the decision of either choosing the boss or staying with her detective boyfriend.  

While it may seem like a stereotypical love triangle, the show adds character development and a deeper plotline, with a perfect amount of comedy, heartfelt moments, realistic problems, and full of unexpected twists.  

I like to point out the fact that it depicts how immigrants do make sacrifices to come to the States for a better lifestyle. Jane knows where she comes from, her mother is mainly the influence on why she is determined to be successful in life. The way her mother influences her is not because she herself is successful, but just the opposite. Jane’s mother is wild, but as she is now somewhat grown, she helps Jane reach her goals. 

Back to the immigration factor: the show perfectly illustrates how immigrants are treated in the States, not just because of racism, but because of the hardships they go through to become citizens.  

Speaking of family, the bond between the three women, Jane, her mother, and grandmother, is powerful. Although they get into arguments and fights, at the end of the day they remain together and realize their mistakes. The show inspires how a family is supposed to be together through thick and thin in a non-toxic form. They stick more together when romance blooms in the air. 

The romance follows that of a typical telenovela, but it develops maturity in the characters as the show progresses. Jane is torn between her detective boyfriend and the father of her baby. After being single, I liked how the show illustrates how romance is not the pinnacle of life. Don’t get me wrong, I am a sucker for romance, yet it made me realize that there are other factors in life that are equally as important, such as following your dreams.  

Ever since her youth, Jane was passionate about becoming a writer, but the road to becoming a published author is challenging. She has to go back to college while being a single mother and working at the hotel. Along the way, she is able to publish her first book, which adds to the storyline of the show in the end.

The message depicted is that hard work and determination really get you to the place where you want to be. No one else can do it for you.

 Jane the Virgin is a prime example of how a TV show can connect the beginning to the end and vice versa while being able to connect with the audience.

Jane the Virgin is available to watch on Netflix and the CW app.