Creative Writing, Life Is But a Dream

A story by Robert Banks

Frame 352 of the Patterson-Gimlin film, alleged to depict a female Bigfoot

Patterson-Gimlin, creative commons license, fair use

Frame 352 of the Patterson-Gimlin film, alleged to depict a female Bigfoot

It was a cold and hollow morning but what I would see would change a normal morning to something else. 

My encounter would fall into the Bigfoot category, but it felt very different from the classic type of Bigfoot that people would often hear about, both in appearance and behavior. 

It was in the morning and it was cold. I could see my breath. I remembered cringing at every step because my footfalls sounded so loud on the dead leaves. 

My grandparent’s dogs, they had pit bulls, had gotten loose and they hadn’t come back yet. My grandma would always let them loose and then be shocked when they wouldn’t come back home. 

So, I was out looking for them. I assumed they were on the trail of something, which wasn’t uncommon.

 I ducked under and through a patch of trees. As soon as I stood upright, I saw it. 

It was on this deer stand though it’s really more just a platform on an old tree. It was put there by my grandfather when he was a kid, so it had been there a long time. 

What I saw on that platform is a sight I’ll never forget. 

At first, I thought it was a someone, but I instantly realized it wasn’t. This was different from what most people have in mind when they think of Bigfoot  

What I saw had very human like features it was positioned very much like a person. It was sitting on the platform with its legs dangling off it, quickly kicking its lower legs from left to right like a person sitting at the edge of a pool. 

Its feet were long and crooked and looked more flexible than a normal persons. 

Its shoulders were leaned away from me, but its head was facing me.

 It was clearly looking at me.  

And it was making a grunting noise.

It sounded like a wet grunting every time it exhaled, like bear sounds. 

As for the size, it couldn’t have been taller than 6 feet, and if anything, it was bigger than an average man. 

It reminded me of a chimpanzee, but the creature I saw that day had more human-like proportions. It had uneven long hair that was much longer on the top of the head than the rest. 

It started to walk closer and closer, growing bigger and bigger, and I just kept getting smaller.

But as it grew, it got blurry.

Then I jumped up, sweating and breathing hard.

It was all just a dream.