You Should Be Listening…

 Loafers- BoyWithUke 

BoyWithUke sings about a boy who is still in love with a girl he has lost touched with, yet she keeps popping up in his life  “I see you on my TV, you’re in my melatonin dreams.” The song has a relaxed repeating guitar and drum beat with a soothing chorus making the song perfect for lovesick people are those who want something to just relax too and enjoy.


Cash Machine- Oliver Tree

Oliver Tree sings about someone who uses buying expensive items to hide their insecurities, buying expensive rings to hide themselves away, buying golden grills to hide their cavities. “You’re spending like a cash machine, to cover up your insecurities.” The song’s loud uplifting beat that switches in and out of a guitar solo leaves you excited for the next verse and ready to leave this song on repeat for hours as its catchy beat and lyrics let you get into it very quickly.


 When we were 16- Rxseboy, Powfu, Mishaal

These three artists came together to create a song about falling in love young but being too young and dumb to see the signs of depression tormenting their lover until it was too late. The song is them reminiscing and wishing they had noticed and helped. “I wish I helped you out. I could’ve held your hand.” The song has a quick but quiet beat that helps express the feelings of regret. The song is a reminder to everyone to make sure to check up on others because you never know how someone is truly feeling.


 Chicago Freestyle- Drake, Giveon

This song is about getting over a woman from the past and meeting new people and being better and living the life of luxury without the ex. “But I do know one thing though, women they come and go.” The song is a relaxed melody to a drum covered rap beat by Drake. This song is perfect for those moving on and up and showing them that they are better than their past.



This song is not for the lighthearted with its loud beat and verses that make you question why you have it on repeat, but as that melody kicks in and that adrenalin rush courses through, you remember that this song has you bouncing up and down like a rave party in your head. It’s the perfect song for the gym to get you pumped and hit that PR you have been reaching for. “Aim right at their head monster” after hours of this song on repeat you will never get bored of it, but the headache later might not be the best.