An honest review over The 100

An honest review over The 100

The 100 takes place in a world destroyed by nuclear weapons and a century later the descendants of the survivors live in space. Since oxygen is running out, 100 juvenile delinquents are sent back to Earth to see if it is habitable.  

 Upon landing, the delinquents discover that their people are not the last of humanity and that there are people living on earth despite it being radioactive. 

 The first three seasons of the show are splendid. They all develop the storytelling of the world, how the world “ended” in the first place, and how the people of the sky and the ground can coexist peacefully. It reflects how no matter the good intentions we all may have, in the end, we are all greedy and want what is best not only for ourselves but for our loved ones. The technology and the morals of the world are fascinating. An example includes how the radiation has changed the blood of most of the people who were living on Earth all this time. 

 Although many of the characters that I liked died a reasonable death, I noticed how after these characters died or unnecessary drama happens, the show loses its storytelling and potential to be one of the greats. After season 4 the show lost its charm and things no longer made senseMany character developments washed down the drain, and most characters were killed off the dumbest way possible, ruining the storyline.  

 In the end, a charm that was not lost in the show is how people will do anything to survive and who and what must be sacrificed in order to achieve that.