What you should be reading on Wattpad

What you should be reading on Wattpad

Wattpad is an app many teenagers are currently using to read books that are self-published by mostly unknown writers. These books include a variety of genres like romance, fan fiction, fantasy and paranormal. The most popular genre on the app is romance. I think this is because many young teens thrive for relationship stories and find comfort in them. This genre usually ends with a happy ending and if It doesn’t it definitely gives you a run of emotions. It gives the reader a reason to connect with not just the book but the author as well. 

 A book I think you should be reading on Wattpad is Ace. I personally love this book because the details and the way the author wrote allowed me to connect with the book. From the beginning to the end, I had a desire to know more. It doesn’t take too long to get into the story as the very first chapter begins  full of action, emotion, and conflict.  

The book starts with a young girl named Sofia Diaz set to have an arranged marriage with none other than the devil himself, Ace Hernandez. They are forced to marriage to join together the two main mafias. A majority of the book is Sofia bringing out a part of Ace that everyone no longer thought existed. Everyone close to Ace sees how protective he is of Sofia and how caring he is becoming again. This may be relatable because several people struggle to lose themselves but later find themselves due to someone coming into their life for the better.  

By the end of the book Ace learns a lesson that you shouldn’t hold back from showing your emotions because of your fear of getting hurt. The consequences of putting off your emotions can be depression, frustration and sorrow. If you were to not open up to anyone because of the risk of getting hurt then you wouldn’t be able to experience the good things like love. At the end Ace learns compassion as he changes. The way he learns his lesson is an unexpected twist. 

 I think this story is definitely worth reading. Ace is ranked number one for the most interesting story on Wattpad. Many people may feel conflicted on how the story ends, but there is also an alternative ending.  

 This book got me into reading again which is one of the reasons why I have so much love for it, and you might as well.