National spotlight on media banning sparks concern for students


With the growing concern of censorship in schools and surrounding media, students worry these bans and decisions could impact their campus.

“It’s concerning,” sophomore Chloe Shipman said. “At first I wasn’t bothered. But then, [the school]  banned a book I really liked, and I didn’t know what was wrong with it. [The school] told me it was inappropriate.” 

Shipman is not the only one affected by book bannings, as librarians and teachers alike also face this struggle. 

“I don’t think [teachers and administration] should control [what the students read],” librarian Mylie James said “Our librarians tend to be more open and free choice, and our administrators are supportive of our students having that choice when it’s their own time. I do think there are patterns, and I do think that is related to the political climate we are in right now.” 

This is something teachers and advisers have to consider when picking material to cover in classes, and technical theater director Joseph Laws said though he’s not faced any issues with his selections, it’s something he must be aware of when choosing productions.

I have not personally had to change any production material due to parent complaints,” Laws said. “However, I also choose my plays carefully. If I find a script that I’m concerned might be offensive to parents, I most likely just avoid it and pick a different script.”

James said concern over media comes in waves, and this is just the latest variation.

“It’s something that shifts over time,”  James said. “I mean, I’m in my mid-30s, and this is the second wave of big book bannings I’ve seen. When I was younger, they were burning a lot of “witchcraft,” so Harry Potter books were being banned. It just depends on what the climate is politically at that time.”

Situations have gained national attention like a Texas mom who claimed watching the Disney+ movie Hocus Pocus 2 could “release hell on your kids and in your home.”

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