Rangers go international with study abroad program

While most Rangers will be staying home for the summer, a few art students are headed to Europe over the summer to get a better experience and view of things in art history. 

“The kids deserve to have a real experience of different kinds of art that isn’t in the United States,” AP art history teacher Pamela Spangler said. “This opportunity is like no other. The kids also get to make lifelong memories, and this moment is the perfect time for that. 

Along with Spanger, art teacher Kerry Martinez and 22 students will be in Italy from May 31 to June 9, and they will go on many field trips for assignments, projects and activities to educate them further. 

“I’m so excited to go this summer because I get to spend the time with my favorite teachers and my bests of friends,” sophomore Ty Jones said. “Not only do I love doing art, but I love learning where art came from, how it all started and who did what, and this trip will be really beneficial for me and answers more of those questions.” 

The CTHS art program wants anyone and everyone to have the experience of a lifetime, and anyone is allowed to be a part of this trip and it doesn’t matter if you’re in any art classes. 

“This is one-way kids have a want to educate for themselves more and it can be really beneficial for them,” art teacher Mackenzie Turpin said. “All the participants that will be attending will get to go to many art historical events and get to learn things that they maybe might not have already learned in their art classes.

For more information about study abroad programs, reach out to Spanger in Room 208. The art department will head to France and Spain in Summer 2025.