Core classes prepare with STAAR season underway


WORKING HARD As she is preparing for the english 2 staar test Nevaeh Richardson 9 is practicing on how to makew sure she picked the right on Apr.12.2023 at CTHS. Photo by Kaon Burniku 9

Because the English EOC STAAR tests were from Tuesday, April 19–Friday, April 21, the English II teachers have prepared the kids to ace this test to move on to the next grade level. 

“My kids have been preparing all year for this and I feel like every single one of them are ready,” English II teacher Brian Brissman said. “Everything they have done this year is to prepare up to this moment. All the Essays, tests, and many assignments are worth it.” 

The STAAR test began in 2012 replacing the TAKS test, and students from 3rd through 11th grade take various tests to verify their understanding of content knowledge from the year.

“I have done the STAAR test for a while now and I have succeeded on every single one of them,” sophomore Mikayla Torrens said. “Mr. Brissman Has been very helpful in helping me understand many topics in English that I did not understand before. I always ask detailed questions within class and paying attention to everything he says.” 

New this year, the state of Texas moved from a timed test to all day, and the kids must stay in the classroom until everyone testing is completed. 

“My advice for everyone who is taking the test is to take your time and take all of the bathroom breaks you need,” English II on-level English teacher Lindsey Mercer said. “This test can be stressful has it is and taking advantage of those opportunities can help you even more.”