Students, teachers look forward to summer fun as school year comes to close


Photo contributed by Carlos Ropa, Spanish teacher

As the conclusion of this year draws closer and closer to the current, many students are excited to finally lay their academic woes to rest and have many plans over the summer break.

Freshman Anthony Rodriguez said they are looking forward to the summer and the fun they will have.

“I will be traveling to Florida with my family this summer,” Rodrigez said. “We will visit Disney theme parks like Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom and EPCOT.”

Not to be outdone by the students, many teachers also had similar experiences during their own summer breaks and their own fond memories. 

Like students, teachers also have their sights on summer to experience their own summer break fun and build their own fond memories.

I love going to Spain in the summer,” Spanish teacher Carlos Ropa said. “My mom lives in Spain. That is why I go to Spain so I can spend time with my mom. We talk about what has been going on in our lives, and I love having dinner with my mom. She makes the best food in the entire world and her cooking is amazing.”  

EOC English teacher Vanessa Capaldo said she used to take trips in the summer that she loves to look back on.  

“I went to the Caribbean when I was 19,” Capaldo said “I went camping with my family, and we stayed in a cabin full of bugs—it was disgusting. After that, we went outdoor shopping, and I got some new clothes and jewelry. I had a wonderful time in the Caribbeans.”