Kitzmann closes out time on the trail, students appreciate year in class


ONE PROBLEM AT A TIME As Amaris de la Cruz, 9, work on her classwork, Aurora Kitzmann, world geography teacher, helps her on the assignment on Tuesday, April 25.

A familiar face on the trail is moving off at the end of the year to continue teaching at another school as Aurora Kitzmann, world geography and economics teacher, leaves CTHS.

Kitzmann joined the Rangers in 2021 and immediately felt at home since her mom, Carrie Kitzmann, works as the academic principal secretary and substitute coordinator.

“I really like the climate and culture of the student body that I’ve seen this past two years,” Kitzmann said. “I really hope that where I end up next, it’ll be similar. I’ve lived here my whole life, so I think it’s a great opportunity for anyone to branch out from where they’ve lived their whole lives.”  

Kitzmann’s fiance is the band director in Daingerfield, and she said she is excited to move to his school and start a new adventure in junior high.

Students said they will miss Kitzmann and appreciated their time in her class.

“What I really like about Ms. Kitzmann is the fact that she really wants you to get your work done, but she’s also really nice with it,” freshman Kathryn Devine said. “She’s understanding. Once I finish my work, she lets me sit next to my friends. She’s always joking around and having fun in the class, she’s a really good teacher.” 

According to Devine, Kitzmann’s class is an environment where students can have the opportunity to learn something new in addition to class material. Freshman Zahn Reuther said Kitzmann is “funny and her personality is great,” and it has made all the difference.

“Everything about her makes me enjoy class,” Zahn said. “She made everything fun, and anything that we learned, she turned it into a fun activity, even notes were entertaining, because we [poked fun] about her lack of highlighting things.”  

As her time as a Ranger comes to an end, Kitzmann said she is excited to take what she’s learned at Chisholm and make it better for her new students.

“I’m going to miss my friends I’ve made in this hallway and in this school,” Kitzmann said. “I am excited to possibly change subjects and grade levels to grow my teaching strategies, but also, to grow as a person. It’s not just about the content, but the critical thinking skills that we’re teaching to have those skills not only for [their] own future, but for the future of the entire nation.”