Volleyball Makes Playoffs For First Time In 3 Years


Nathan Rojas

Varsity Volleyball say their prayers before the game.

Volleyball finishes their season with a trip to the playoffs, 26 wins and 16 losses out of district, and 10 wins and 4 losses in district.  

These girls have worked their hardest all season long, and It had been obvious that from the begging, there was something special about this team, and in the end, they made it to the play-offs for the first time in 3 years.  

Their journey was not always smooth, they had some bumps in the road when their starting middle, senior Emmie Wittkamp fractured her finger and freshman Kaci White fractured her wrist. 

Every Practice the team worked hard to be the face of the CTHS volleyball program on the court and off the court. 

“This volleyball season has been nothing but amazing,” senior Jadyn Gillespie said. “We’ve all worked hard to get to where we are at now and it just a wonderful way to start off the senior year.”  

Jayden broke the assist record with 56 on a 5-set win and is the top 3 in assists for the state.  

“Honestly it’s pretty exciting with how this season has been going,” Madisynne Mcqueen. “I’m very proud of these girls and how hard we have fought to get a chance to be going to play-off this year.”  

After the girls played their game against Trinity High School and won in 3-set win, they clenched their play-off spot. 

After the game against Trinity every game was a fight to see what they would be placed in district. They ended up getting 3rd place. 

“Being able to play with these girls for the past four years has been nothing but an amazing experience,” Kaylyn Bennett said. “We’ve all been through thick and then and now that we will be getting to go to play- offs on our senior year is truly wonderful.” 

The girls played Nov. 2 against Eaton High school and lost in a 3-set game. 

The girls went to three sets and all three sets they have played their hardest they ever have all season. 

The team said nerves got the best of them and ended with a loss. In the end they all said the same thing about the trip to the post-district play. “At least we all had fun playing one last time together.”