Lady Rangers Move Beyond ‘New Team’ Status

Varsity Volleyball players have found more success in second season.


Before a game against Dunbar High School on September 13, the Varsity Lady Rangers Volleyball Team shows some of the team spirit that has led them to success. Photo by Nicholas Alvarez

The Varsity Lady Rangers Volleyball team has a 6-1 district record and defeated Saginaw in an early strategic win.

Without Seniors and in only their second year, the team has shown dramatic improvement.

Sophomore Maddi Utley said, “We beat Saginaw and that’s pretty exciting.”

What are the secrets of their recent success?

“This year is strategic,” Coach Huston said. Last year, she said the team focused on the fundamentals.

Junior Kaycie Spindor said, “We are gonna work as a team this year”.

But that’s only one of the ways they will make it farther than they did last year.

Spindor said another way they have improved this year is with a stronger defense. Last year’s defense wasn’t quite enough.

Utley said, “We were one win away” from making the playoffs last year.

In addition to defense and last year’s shortcomings, motivation and chants play a great part in playing well.

Junior Jordan Wiley said, “Our motivation has got a lot better.”

“Our chants pump us up” said Wiley.“We are making it to the second round. It’s not an option.”