Wrestling Shortchanged

Other sports have started their season, but not us


Lourdes Duran pinning a Plano Senior High student.

My wrestling season is eight weeks because of COVID-19. Staring school in August this year, I was so ecstatic and had hopes of having the same wrestling season I would have if it were a normal year, starting season right after football in November and then ending it in February. That is not how it has gone this year.  

Football and volleyball had their regular season but took the precautions for COVID-19. 

Right before football season ended, I found out the wrestling season was being pushed back to Jan. 20. I was devastated, but I still thought we are still going to have a couple of months for season. 

After Thanksgiving break, we started practicing after school and during the class period. I felt so much better being back in the mat room again.

That’s when we found out that our season was pushed back until Feb. 20.

Basketball, tennis, soccer, cross-country, track and many other sports have started or already had their season. Wrestling is the only sport that is being left out. Football is the closest sport like wrestling except they have a load of gear on them, besides that, it is still a close contact sport. 

Even northern states have started their wrestling seasons, but here I am only practicing and having an eight-week season compared to a three-month one.  

Wrestling is being left out. It is not as popular of a sport in the south as in the north, but it is a growing sport, and it is not fair to see so many other sports have a season but then we get the short end of the stick. 

I know I should be grateful to at least get a season, but I’m not. I deserve a normal season just like everybody else.