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Crossfire: Olivia Holmes vs. Gia Bradley

Should Open-Campus Lunch Be Allowed?

November 12, 2019

Gia and Olivia go head to head about off campus lunch, and the reasons why it should or should not be allowed.

*This is an editorial written by students for students. The viewpoints expressed are the students’ views alone.

Gia Bradley: Open Campus Won’t Work

Why is open campus not allowed? 

 Open campus is not allowed because of all the safety hazards. When teens come to school, they are under the responsibility of the school, meaning whatever happens during the school day is the school’s fault. 

 So if anything bad were to happen while students were eating lunch off campus, that could be considered the school’s fault. The school just doesn’t trust that students will be safe and careful, and they don’t trust that other drivers will be safe while the students are under their care in case there were to be a crash. 

Many students say why can’t there be a parent signature that would allow students to leave campus? That argument is weak because many rules of the school would then have to change, and it would be chaos during all the lunches, making the teachers jobs way harder than they already are. 

 Ultimately, there are many risks to off campus lunch. Kids who leave campus are often more at risk. For example, an easy way to find yourself in a crash is leaving campus then being in a massive rush to get back to the school in time. 

Some people suggest perhaps only seniors, or the older students, should be able to leave campus, but other schools that have created that rule run in to even bigger issues. Issues like underclassmen found hiding in trunks of the upperclassmen who do leave campus, creating a huge safety hazard for everyone in the vehicle. 

 The teachers and administrators biggest concern is student safety. And closed campus has everything to do with safety.  

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Olivia Holmes: Off Campus Lunch Should Be An Option

Schools should have open campus lunch because it provides healthier options and won’t leave students still hungry and allows students to be responsible. 

First, the cafeteria food does not give all the right nutrients for all the students. Each student isn’t the same, so they don’t all eat the same thing. According to, in 2010, more than one-third of U.S children and adolescents were overweight or obese. When eating school lunches some students are still hungry. Others struggle to make healthy choices. If students have the correct nutrients needed, they won’t have to make the decision whether to stay hungry or spend more money to get full. Some people have limits on their accounts so if they’re still hungry they can’t get more food. Off campus lunch provides nutritious lunches for all students.

Furthermore, allowing students to go off campus helps them gain responsibilities. If students leave campus for lunch, they will be responsible for how much money they spend, the time they need to get back from school, and driving safely while accomplishing their goal. This will show the school that students can go out to eat and still follow the rules off campus. 

In solution, there should be a form parents/guardians can sign that allows their student to leave off campus for lunch. If a student doesn’t follow the form rules, that there should be a consequence. 

In conclusion, open campus lunch helps students be responsible and provides healthier options that won’t leave students hungry. 

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