You Can Make A Change

Step up to stop bullying

Bullying is a major problem that affects the lives of all children. No matter what form of bullying it is, bullying should always be taken seriously.  

Even though students say that bullying other students isn’t right, many students remain inactive bystanders, victims or actual bullies themselves.  

When you look at the numbers from the surveys that we collected from over 10 percent of the student body, the amount of bullying that happens is staggering. 28 percent of students say they have been bullied in the last year.  

When we asked the students if they knew the definition of bullying, the majority said they did. A lot of the students here are aware of the bullying but decide to leave it alone.  61.25 percent of students say that they have seen bullying and 31 percent of them say they haven’t helped the victim. 

Being a bully is just as bad or even worse than just watching and not helping, no one should be a bully, and no one should have to be a victim of it.  

Unfortunately, 34 percent out of 201 CTHS students surveyed said that they have bullied someone in the past year.  

When October rolls around it’s time to talk about bullying awareness, but 31 days out of 294 school days shouldn’t be it. All schools should have someone young who has experienced bullying who could tell students how helping others can actually save a life. Those students should be allowed to talk to the student body. 

10 percent of students say that bullying isn’t a concern in school. As we collected data off the surveys we realized the problem was bigger than we thought. When looking at the numbers we found that 28 percent out of the 201 students surveyed have already been bullied this school year.  

Out of that 28 percent of bullied students only 0.15 percent reported the act. This number is way too small, and if we took action and reported the bullying that we see, the percent reported would go up exponentially.  

All bystanders should be just like the 69 percent of the surveyed students who said they would try to stop the bully or would ask for help. As students who see people being bullied, instead of pulling out our phones and videoing, we should pull the victim away from the situation and welcome them into our group of friends or try to be a new friend for the victim. 

Together as a family we can stop bullying.  

 *attached is a slideshow of the data collected from 201 surveyed students