Gravity is Out of This World

Words cannot describe how astonished I was with this movie.

Many things have been said about Gravity, mostly positive. The movie is fantastic. If you’re thinking this is your typical “Lost in Space” movie, you’re wrong; It’s REAL astronauts in a situation that could actually happen.  I have to say I was not only impressed with the visual effects in this movie, but simply amazed.

The story starts with a simple float in space scene, with our two astronauts doing what they normally would do. Ryan Stone, played by Sandra Bullock, is a timid, uneasy engineer, whose story is revealed as the story goes on. Partnered by Captain Matt Kowalski (George Clooney), a wise-cracking independent astronaut with a story for everything, Stone swaps small talk, and eventually the two come to rely on each other.

Don’t think the movie is just about these two floating in space though. The movie takes a dark turn about twenty minutes in, and the two astronauts are left stranded with only enough oxygen to get them to the International Space Station.

I have to say this movie amazed me. It not only made me feel for the characters, but also gave me a new outlook on space. As a child, I thought space was all fun and games, but seeing this movie made me realize it was more complex. I credit Alfonso Caurón and his fantastic way of directing, not to mention how well the movie was written by the director and his son Jonás Cuarón.

Go see this spectacle of a movie.