The Vets of Chisholm Trail

The senior class presented campus veterans with a luncheon to celebrate Veteran’s Day.

Richard Stutheit– Richard Stutheit served 9 and a half years in the military and his branch was Air Force. He feels honored to have served in the military and enjoys the experiences he had with the military.

“I’m really proud of my time serving,” Stutheit said. “ I’ve got to do a lot of fun training because I was security forces, which is Military Police Reviewer Force. A lot of my training has translated to my civilian job now.”

Stutheit is now a part of the Fort Worth Police Department while still in the Army and is serving the school while serving the country for the last six years.

“I’m a Fort Worth Police Officer and I’m assigned to our school unit,” Stutheit said. “I work here as a SRO (Sworn Law Enforcement Officer Responsible for Safety and Crime Prevention in Schools), and then on the military side, I’m still in as a Unit Training Manager for the First Medical Squadron.”

Roger Bunkley– Roger Bunkley served in the military and his branch was The Marine Corps and he fought in the Vietnam War, which would be the fight of his life.

“We were involved with taking troops out on patrols and bringing them back safely or picking them up safely,” Bunkley said. “During that time, we were hit by 40 rockets from the enemy and there were landmines to deal with, lost some friends and Fortunately, I was not injured.”

Bunkley now serves the students of Chisholm Trail by being a teacher here and teaching various subjects to the kids of Chisholm Trail

“I am a teacher,” Bunkley said. “I’ve taught general education, social studies, special education, social studies, science, and math.”

Ashlie Boff– Ashlie Boff was in the Marine Corps for 4 years and retired due to injuries and describes it as a bittersweet time.

“I was medically retired at 100% disability,” Boff said. “ A lot of it were just injuries and getting hurt from different things. I think it was the best worst time of my life.”

Boff now works here at Chisholm Trail with the staff and students and feels the love from every corner of her job.

“I love my job,” Boff said. “I love what I do, I love interacting with all the students and teachers. I love the people I work with and great people here that are very supportive and it’s just a great family and great community we have here.”

Mike Shipman– Mike Shipman served in the military in the Navy and says he liked his time in the military.

“I served in the Navy and then later on The Navy Reserve,” Shipman said. “I joined the Reserves shortly after getting out, and I stayed in for about another nine years. For the most part, I really enjoyed it.”

He now stands on the frontlines of Chisholm Trail by teaching here at Chisholm Trail.

“ This is my 11th year teaching in education,” Shipman said. “I teach AP Government and Ap Economics and Economics and this year, I’m helping coach.”

Andrew Williamson– Andrew Williamson served in the military in the Air Force and served 11 years and felt like this was his purpose and his legacy.

“I was in the Air Force and served from 2005 to 2016,” Williamson said. “It was always a calling and something I felt led to do and a lot of family members have had military service and that’s kind of what we do in my family and it’s just a blessing.”

Williamson now teaches here at Chisholm Trail and finds a new calling for teaching the kids and working alongside the staff here at Chisholm Trail.

“Right now, I’m teaching Geometry and AP Statistics,” Williamson said. “This is my third year and I love teaching. Chisholm is a lot of fun and it’s a beautiful school, kids are awesome, and everyone is just eager to learn, and the staff is amazing.”