Prom preparations underway for dance on May 6


THE PERFECT DRESS After she spent a few hours looking for the perfect dress, Adrianna Garza, 12, found the “perfect dress” when she tried on the last dress of the day on Thursday, March 23. Photo contributed by Adrianna Garza, 12

With the semester winding down, prom excitement is in the air, and students are getting ready for the annual dance this year on Saturday, May 6, at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History. 

Although the dance doesn’t take place until the end of the, prom director Jaime Hawkins said it is a yearlong process to make the special night happen.

“We started planning Prom in August,” Hawkins said. “You have to set the venue and you have to set the venue really in the summer before like June, July and August. You have to reserve it and everybody in the area has their prom in May, so you have to really get on it quickly and that takes a lot of money.” 

Students make the decisions on what each year’s theme will be, and the students who organized it said they want all students to feel a part of the prop planning fun.

 “I think it’s just kind of celebration,” senior class officer Haley Salas said. “We had the senior class vote on food they wanted so they could also have a say in the leading of prom. We’ve gone through the school system for 13 or 14 years, and it’s been this giant part of our lives.” 

The theme this year will be A Night Out in Vegas, and Rangers reserved the museum, so students will have access to the top and bottom floors. 

Finger foods will be available for students on a first-come, first-serve basis. Salas said organizers have ordered decorations like a photo booth, entree ways displays, and casino-themed centerpieces for different tables.  

“You’ve known some of these people since you were 10 years old or at a very young age, and you just kind of get to celebrate one last time with before you each go off,” Salas said.

At the museum, there will be a ballroom for dancing and the rest for students to look around, and Salas said they’ve hosted prom there before, and students enjoyed the venue.

Students are also feeling and getting ready for the big night of the event.

“I’m looking forward to meeting new people,” sophomore student Victor Barahona said. “I feel excited and also nervous. I plan to hang out with my friends and have a good time.” 

Students are required to fill out paperwork available in the AP house, and prom tickets are $90, and students can purchase them online through