Seniors discuss election day, voting in midterm elections


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I Voted sticker on protective face mask for in person voting in the presidential election in the USA during coronavirus pandemic

With voting for governor and other political positions coming up on Tuesday, Nov. 8, seniors prepare to cast their ballots and discuss the impacts on other students.

“I wouldn’t say I’m really into politics,” senior Alejandro Castaneda, 18, said. “I don’t think there is a reason to not vote. If we have the right, we should do it, and people are more vocal about voting now.”

Castaneda said he doesn’t know a lot of people who are voting, but he feels obligated to vote. While he said people now are getting more vocal about voting and their rights, some still choose not to exercise this right.

“I’m not voting because I’m just not knowledgeable on the topic,” senior Megan Leal, 18, said. “I don’t think people are really encouraging me or even pushing me, but I keep seeing ads everywhere on my Snapchat and my Instagram, and the school has sent messages, but as far as adults and my parents, they haven’t really ever done that for me or any of my older siblings.”

Regarding other people that are voting, Leal said she thinks there isn’t really a reason for her to vote. She said that if I don’t know anything about it then she shouldn’t vote.

Government teacher Phil Shwartz, however, said students should use their voices and actions if able.

“I think everyone should vote if they can and if they follow politics,” Shwartz said. “People should vote in school elections as well; it would give people practice voting for when they turn 18 and can really vote.”

Although she is not going to be old enough to vote in this election, senior Ranch Hand Kaitlyn Thomas said she highly encourages others to get involved.

“There are important issues going on in Texas, and I think we need to resolve them,” Thomas said. “It’s important to vote so we can show that we care about our state. I constantly encourage others to vote.”