Caitlyn Jade, 12

Hey Friends!

My name is Caitlyn Jade Vivar. I either go by Jade or Jai. Both work but never be afraid to ask which names work best for me. I use she/her/they pronouns and I’m a very proud bisexual.

I’m a creator. I create stories for your pleasure and knowledge. I’m not good with words 99% of the time, but I always try my best to tell anything as it is.
I paint, write, take photographs, read, and anything in between. I would like to perform my writings at competitions one day, inspiring others to write their truth to their liking.
If you need anything, whether it’s a hug, someone to rant to, a “hype-man”, or just a friend, I’m here for you and anyone around you.


You’re very loved by me and those around you. Keep going. <3