Simple but a struggle

Sophomore plans for the future


Sophomore Andrew Quinones enjoys 7th period chemistry.

Just barely hanging on to the world around him, he crawls forward and picks himself back off of his knees and looks up. He reaches his hand up toward the sky and imagines shuttles traveling from point A to B. Flying across thousands of miles. 

Sophomore Andrew Quinones quietly goes about his everyday life. Going from chemistry to AP World History at the end of his day and imagining the sky above, Quinones has dreams of making the next super shuttles that will carry hundreds of people across the world. 

“I want to go into Aerospace,“ Andrew said. “Although I do hate physics.” 

Andrew is currently doubling up his sciences doing both physics and chemistry to help him reach his dreams of becoming an architect who builds planes.     

“My dad’s an architect,” Andrew said. “I’d go into his work room and just see all kinds of pictures of buildings, and it’s just really cool how you can build things.” 

The Aerospace industry is massive and can certainly be daunting when it comes to choosing a field, however Andrew already has an idea in mind. 

“Public transportation,” Andrew said. “Definitely improve planes and make them faster.” 

 His eight classes are only a fraction of the extensive path he has before him to get into the Aerospace industry 

“My love for building overpowers my hate of school,” Andrew said. “Physics may suck but something about it makes me feel really good.” 

Andrew says that the numbers and properties have always lined up in his brain. 

“I don’t struggle with it,” Andrew said. “I just don’t enjoy all of the super boring problems.” 

 He walks through the doors of his 2nd period class, pencil in hand and heart set on a path. He sits and goes over his equations, writing each one of them down, checking to see if he remembers all of the shortcuts he’s been taught. Finally the 6-weeks test is placed in front of him. He smiles and imagines the sky filled with planes that he hand built.