Life of a Teen Skater



Sophomore Paul Herrera on his skateboard.

There was one place where everyone got along. One place where everyone set aside their differences to do what they loved. One place that as soon as that last bell rang everyone would rush to. That place was the skate park, and one high school student loved that place in particular. His name is Paul Herrera. 

Paul, a sophomore, is just like any other high school teen. He goes to school, plays video games, and does everything a normal teen would do. Although he is a normal teen, he likes to refer to himself as an “outsider” because he is a very different person compared to his brothers, sisters and friends Paul said that his family was also basic and that they never really did anything fun. He said that he was the different one because he likes to do a lot of other things than just live a normal life.

Ever since he was a little kid he said he has always had a passion for skating. He would wake up in the morning, eat breakfast, then spend the rest of the day skating. Paul said that skating was the only thing he could never get bored of. He would play skating video games, join the skate club, go to the skate park and would love the most just to go skate with his friends

“When I skate it’s like I zone out of everything,” Paul said. “And it’s like I’m trapped inside my own world that I can’t get out of, but it’s also a world that I don’t want to get out off.” 

Although Paul has not competed in any real competitions, he said he has had people in the past challenge him in simple and easy skating games. He said when he gets older and better, he wouldn’t mind competing in some real competitions if he gets a lot better.

Skating isn’t Paul’s only dream. He is also a gymnast and enjoys the best of both worlds. Paul pointed out that he would not mind being either one of those, a skater or a gymnast.

“I don’t skate because it’s a trend, I don’t skate because it’s cool, I don’t skate because someone tells me to, “said Herrera. “I skate because I enjoy it and it’s my thing, and it’s something that I will never let go off. 

Today, Herrera can be found doing his own things. He continues to complete his high school years as well as figuring out what he wants to do when hes older. He loves spending his time skating as well as doing gymnastics. Paul says that we shouldn’t spend life doing one thing and living it boring, we should always find something new to try.

“Skating not only is a fun thing to do,” Paul said. “it can also keep you in shape, teach you responsibility in not losing your stuff, teach you how to always get back up and try again, and lots of other things. People always see “skaters” as bad people only because they are different from others, we are just trying to have fun, and living life to the fullest.