A Homecoming Night to Remember: She didn’t win the crown, but she wouldn’t trade the experience for anything


Sophomore Homecoming princess Sylvia Cole, senior homecoming queen Kiley Redd and queen nominee Zari Southward. All three are members of the Charmers.

Walking down the field with her mom and aunt, with flowers on her hand, wearing a beautiful brown dress, the October chill in the air, Zari Southward stood as she waited for the announcement of Homecoming King and Queen. 

This Homecoming game was a day to remember for Southward. 

When Zari heard that the spots were open for homecoming court, she knew that becoming homecoming queen would be part of her next goal for her last year of high school. 

“I wanted to be homecoming queen because it would have been a super cool achievement to have my senior year,” Zari said. 

With determination to be nominated for homecoming court, Zari began to start making campaign posters with the help of her friend Hayden Edwards. Throughout the week, she asked people to post her campaign on their social media so that she can be part of the ballot and have enough votes. On voting day, she would ask people to repost the campaign so that people can see to vote for her. 

Then on Oct. 16 the results for the 2020 homecoming court were announced and posted, and Zari saw her name on the list.  

I was super excited!” Zari said. “I was really hoping I had enough votes to make the court, but I wasn’t sure so when I saw my name on the list I was thrilled.” 

Now knowing that she made the ballot, Zari eagerly waited for the week that was to come. 

The days of homecoming week were passing, then came the day of the homecoming game. Homecoming mums were everywhere, both large and small, the ringing of the bells, dressed beautifully, Zari anxiously dreaded the events that will take place after school, nervous of whether she will become the next homecoming queen. 

“With being Charmer, I knew I was going to have almost no time to get ready, Zari said.

Upon waiting to perform on the field, Zari was strategizing on how she would get ready quickly after dancing to be able to make it on time to walk down the field. After the performance, Zari rushed to her seat to get her belongings to get ready and get her dress to go change in the bathroom. 

Then came the time for the announcements of the homecoming court and revealing the next homecoming king and queen. 

“I cried when Hayden won,” Zari said. “I was SOOO proud we had been talking about it all week, and I told him that he had it in the bag, so it was a very much deserved win.” 

Zari anxiously stood in the field waited for the winner of the queen’s crown. 

“When they announced Kiley as the winner, sure I was disappointed, but I was happy for her as well, Zari said.

Disappointed that she did not win the crown, Zari nevertheless congratulated her captain on winning homecoming queen, and she was joyful with Kiley because she knew that this was a homecoming to remember. Zari remains hopeful since there is still a chance for her to become prom queen later in the year. 

“Overall, this was an amazing experience and it’s something I’m not going to forget and I’m forever going to be grateful to have these memories,” Zari said,