Tales From A Pandemic Worker

Working as a remote student isn’t always fun, but the lessons learned are worth it


A Christmas Miracle. That’s what my paycheck felt like in December. It might be a pandemic, but I still work. Before the pandemic everything was nice, smooth and fun because it was my first job and I rarely paid for anything. I was working to save up.  

But once the pandemic came everything changed, new rules, new employees, mask, 6 feet distance and more. It was something we have never practiced before or experienced. Work became more stressful, customers complained more and more about things we couldn’t control.  

On top of that I am a student, so I am dealing with customers every day plus my family. 

Work is fun, but it isn’t always easy. Like I said, I work in food service. Mother’s Day a man yelled at me because there was a two-hour wait to eat. It’s a holiday. I don’t know what he expected. 

Another time when I was just 16, a grown man came in one day and for some reason he was already mad. Out of nowhere he yelled at me saying that I won’t be nothing in life. I’m working a fulltime job and he screamed I still won’t be successful.  

THEN he said to go back to where I came from. 

Everyone looked at him like he was crazy. 

Honestly, it was a lot. I took it to the heart because I was so young at the time and didn’t know how to handle my first “hater.”  

He was a hater mixed with a racist, but what changed my mindset was another customer telling him you don’t know this girl or what potential she has. Thankfully, everyone kicked that hating customer out. 

And that helped me learn a lesson that sticks with me still today. 

There will always be haters but do not let them get in your head. I see them as distractions from success. Ignore them! Nobody is stopping you but yourself. 

 Sometimes it gives me motivation for the future. I always tell myself  You have come this far by yourself. You can keep going and accomplish so much more by yourself.” It makes me so motivated to do anything, honestly. Awhile after the pandemic I wanted more money because who doesn’t want more money? So I got another job. 

 Two jobs with more responsibilities, more customers, different rules for two jobs. 

But I am here to tell you that if you truly believe in yourself and put your mind to it, you can for sure do it.  

Never be scared of anything. The only thing I am scared of is not being successful for my kids in the future, but for right now I work hard for myself so in the future I don’t end up working at some fast food or end up thinking how much money do I have left in my account now?  

Always strive for the best and remember nobody can or will stop you. You can only stop yourself. Your mind is your only enemy, not people saying “you can’t do it” or “you’ll never get to that point.” Prove those people wrong and show them what you can do.